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Free Christmas eCards

Send your Christmas ecards instantly today or pre-select a future date for delivery. Choose from our wide selection of holiday Seasons Greetings, right at your fingertips!

During this time of the year, we recommend sipping some eggnog, nibbling on some Christmas cookies for Santa Claus, and picking out your favorite greetings. This is the perfect time to start spreading some happy holiday holly jolly cheer. Now more than ever, most people we know are ready to say goodbye to this year and bring in the joy of this season.

Show you care and wish friends and family a joyous holiday season with our customized talking cards. Doozy also has a large range of sentiments from funny to heartfelt to traditional Christmas Happy New Year wishes. We have animated merry crooning dogs, Dionne Warwick original Christmas carols, and Doo Wop Pugs.

Once you have chosen a Noel, seasonal happy birthday, or New Year card we can help you add a personal message. Refer to our helpful What to Write in a Christmas Card guide or our video below on what  personal Christmas ecard messages to write.

Our updated website has made it even easier for you to email your greetings instantly to friends and family. Sign up for our special offer, a free trial which gives you the option to send free Christmas ecards for ten days or keep the benefits of our membership and send holiday cards and Happy New Year cards. We all hope to welcome in - fingers crossed - a much easier year!

With Doozcyards, there are no costly paper cards to pay for and, with postage rates always on the rise sending Doozies saves you stockings of money that is better spent on presents. Sending eCards is also kinder to the environment than using paper. Best of all, Doozy Christmas greetings may be personalized with your own individual message.

You know that ever-increasing list of friends and family that you never seem to get around to visiting but you want to convey you still care? Send them virtual envelopes of Merry Christmas love! That teacher from junior high school that completely changed your life? She would be delighted to hear from you. That certain member of the opposite sex that you have had your eyes on? An online greeting card is a friendly way to break the ice .

Customized greetings are also good for business. Maybe you have clients that you haven’t heard from in a while. You can send them seasonal greetings without seeming like you are touting for business. The same thing applies to your suppliers who have taken such good care of you throughout the year. If you have a large business with hundreds of customers and suppliers, sending holiday ecards instead of holiday paper communication can mean substantial cost savings.

If you want to reconnect with co-workers and your boss after working from home, we have a selection of different sentiments to send depending on your work relationships. Our guide has many suggestions on what to write on work holiday messages.

Thanks to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology the first electronic greeting was born in 1994, In the first few weeks, only ten to twenty cards a day were sent. Within two years, more than 1.7 million cards had been exchanged. Today millions of online greetings have been sent by email and text.

Don't forget to celebrate birthdays throughout this Christmas Happy New Year Season! Let those you care about know you are thinking of them with our happy birthday online cards.

In addition to traditional, musical, and religious animations, we also have sentimental selections. Check out our list below with some of our highlights.


Warm wishes
Love n Warmth
Three Wise Men Tropical
Funny free eCards …

Rapping Rudolph Greeting Card
Gingerbread Chorus (your music-loving friends will appreciate this one!)
Hen House
Friendly greetings …

Friendship eCard
Thinking of You
Warm Christmas Wishes
We have flirty ecards …

Hot Santa*
Sexy Fruitcakes
Interactive greetings …

Max the Labrador
Polar Bear Hug Puzzle (Hint: seek out the pieces with the straight edges first)
Snowflake Snack – a good one for developing hand/eye co-ordination (when the Boss isn’t looking!)
Political eCards from

Pet greetings …

Sealed With A Kiss (also suitable as a flirtation)
Golden Retriever eCard (interactive)
Gecko Holiday Shopping
Celebrity greetings …

Johnny Cache
Dionne Warwick (and her squirrely friends)
The Grandfather of Soul himself, James Green!
And, well, it just wouldn’t be fun without farting free ecards …

Farting Reindeer – Find out how they learned how to fly!
Farting Carolers
Farting Snow Fairy
Make eCards part of your Yuletide season this time of year. Thinking of pinging a quick email to someone for a reminder or a Zoom invitation? Send them an original instead.

One of the best things about sending our animations is getting them back! Of course, you will want to receive merry wishes and return the favor. And for the singles, craft a personalized message that starts out as a friendly outreach on day one and it may evolve into a flirty relationship on day twelve!

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